Live-blogging a portion of my research day

Added May 29: The below is a satirical record of my research day, which is meant to be humorous. In no way does it
reflect how my research day actually proceeds (except for the visits to
the Wittenborg 7100).
I originally wrote this a few years ago when I was writing my
dissertation, but I updated it here, and included some recent results
of a simulation I am running for my submissions to Asilomar 2010.

13:15:01 — Ok, I am going to live-blog me writing some research papers. First, for Asilomar 2010, due June 1!!!

13:15:02 — quick check of CNN headlines, oh! And some YouFace photos from Halloween. Crazy people I don’t even know.

13:18:08 — switching desktops to focus on paper

13:19:01 —
found some inconsistencies in my bibfile … IEEExplore I love you!

— OMG, my co-author is like, “can we get rid of the bra-ket notation.”
It is not standard in adaptive filter theory. Ok, so replace every
inner product with \(\vd^H \vr(n)\), see if I care.

13:22:59 — going
to xfig to adjust some arrows.

13:23:34 — exporting to eps, and
then to pdf. … pdflatex! BANG!

13:23:50 — quick check of CNN.
Stupid US politicians.

13:24:03 — Back to paper.

— thinking of running simulations with finer values … just thinking about it.

13:25:52 — quick check of CNN, NY Times, LA Times, Nuit Blanche (so I feel
productive research-wise)

13:26:45 — back to paper. Oh wait!
Email. It’s from the International Cybernetics and Computer Technologies
for Human blah blah conference. delete.

13:27:02 — back to
paper. Writing discussion of results, and geometric interpretation of

13:28:52 — stupid floats! Go where I want damnit!

— Googling “LaTeX floats before bibliography NOT fetish”

— answer: “\begin{figure}[h!]” after acknowledgments

— quick check of CNN, the Onion,
, Nuit Blanche
(so I can transition back to research)

13:31:03 — back to
paper. Hey! Chat with the wife. OMG, she is having the worst day. Stuck
in traffic for nearly 4 hours. “Gotta go Love; I am working really hard
on my paper.”

13:31:58 — quick check of CNN,

13:32:44 —
back to paper from YouTube videos of speaking cats.

13:35:15 — Ok,
zipping and sending to my co-author.

13:37:40 — Done! Ok, now on
to paper for the International Cybernetics and Computer Technologies
for Human blah blah
conference. That is weird: all they want is an abstract of 100 words
and a large submission fee.

13:40:14 — quick check of CNN.
“Mouse baked into pack of hotdog buns.” Someone has thought up some
creative ways to feed a cat, so what?

13:42:42 — back to

13:46:48 — hmmm. What are we trying to do here? Why
is this important? “It is important because it will add to my portfolio.” I can’t write that … or maybe I can for this

13:47:03 — quick check of YouFace status updates.

— back to “abstract”

13:50:10 — should I use $$\MH^H(n) = [\vh_0
| \vh_1 | \ldots | \vh_{n-1} ]$$ or $$\MH(n) = [\vh_0 | \vh_1 | \ldots |
\vh_{n-1} ].$$ Sanjit
uses the former for the DFT inverse transform matrix, so I
think I will use that.

13:52:37 — time for some “analyses”.
Basically I will fool around with the mathematics to see how I can
express the problem in a much more complex way that I claim is obvious
and illuminating.

13:57:05 — nothing. Ok, switching to MATLAB
mode. Run simulations, and away they go!

14:00:56 — checking Google news. Wow, Iron Man 2 is doing
really well.

14:05:37 — back to MATLAB from wikipedia entry on Scarlett

14:10:55 — Simulations done! Let’s look at the figure.

Untitled.jpg14:11:11 — One of those lines is the result of my PhD dissertation work. <sarcasm>Wonderful.</sarcasm> Well, it is good enough for a conference on cybernetics because it “was winning before iteration 20, and it varies more than the others.” Yeah, my algorithm is becoming human.

14:11:27 — Coffee time with the new machine: the Wittenborg 7100, and with real beans! Sweet kaffe relief.

14:21:57 — back. Check
CNN quick!

14:24:08 — back to MATLAB. Where was I?

— Oh yeah, all those beeps and red error messages.

14:30:15 —
Folks, remember to “clear all” at the top. Hate that.

14:31:16 —
doing some more cowboy coding!

14:32:05 — Stroking beard and
staring at code.

14:32:45 — Tea time! Going to get a cookie too.

— Ok! What was I doing? Copenhagen
. and then What’s New
(so I can see exactly the vast areas of mathematics in which I am

14:48:22 — I got mail!  It’s another one from the
International Cybernetics and Computer Technologies for
Human blah blah conference. delete.

14:48:51 — back to MATLAB

— back to MATLAB


— Impromptu visit from a student, good time for a break in my busy productive day!

15:26:25 —
quick check CNN. “Woman, 75, shoots intruder in crotch”. That is US
national news.

15:27:37 — back to MATLAB

15:32:16 —
Gotta pee! BRB. LOL.

15:34:20 — back to MATLAB

— running simulations BEEEP! Stupid errors.

15:49:20 — check
the weather in Paris. Hey, what latitude am I at? Maybe I can see my
office in street view. Hmm. I wonder what the distance is from my
apartment to here.

15:55:01 — Time for another visit with the Wittenborg


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