Vuvuzela Filtering

The World Cup continues to be an exciting event! In the first game, the world quickly became aware of the South African spectator instrument the vuvuzela. In the second game, the world continued to become aware of the vuvuzela, and demanded it stop, thus propelling the vuvuzela even further into the meme stratosphere, e.g.. I rather like the cacophonous hum of tens of thousands of buzzing instruments; and I can only imagine what it sounds like to be on the field surrounded by such a stadium-sized instrument. (Apparently, it does not facilitate communication between the players.) Also, it is more versatile than it first appears.

Today I notice that the Danish channel has very little vuvuzela hum, while the German channel showing the same game (Slovakia vs. Italy) has a lot of vuvuzela hum. So it appears that some feeds are attempting to filter the sound out, which is confirmed by this article. The folks at the Center for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London, have a great demonstration of one adaptive way to filter out the vuvuzela hum. I wonder how the TV stations are doing it? My bet is  on not using sparse approximation with a dictionary of vuvuzela atoms.

Regardless, today I take my futbol with the hum.


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