Mendeley anyone?

I have recently learned about Mendeley, and after poking around for a bit I have decided to give it a try. I have imported, uploaded and shared my references as a collection called Audio, Music, and Sparsity. It says there are 788 references, but I see several duplicates. There does not appear to be an easy way to remove those.

There appear to be strange behaviors in addition to duplicate references. One colleague I invited to join me on Mendeley just let me know that I am an expert on Bangladesh. Below you can see a screenshot of what I see: the correct abstract for my Ph. D. dissertation apparently titled, “Bangladesh : la situation depuis la fin du mandat du BNP”. I know enough French to know that is not a translation.

Other aspects I don’t particularly like are browsing the collections on-line. Why can’t I order them by date so I can see the most recent items first? And the citations don’t even include the date, just volume, issue, and pages. There are other annoyances, and I will keep using BibDesk, but I will give Mendeley a little more time to see how it can help my hunting and gathering of information.


2 thoughts on “Mendeley anyone?

  1. Hi Bob! I’m the academic community liaison for Mendeley and I just wanted to leave you a quick note to say that duplicate detection is being actively worked on and should improve with the next release.
    Also, I’ve passed a note to support about the cataloging error with your thesis. I know just a little french myself and I can confirm, that’s no translation! ;-)
    The browsing interface for the collections is being changed as well, so hopefully this will make more sense in the future. However, the citations should display complete information, including the date. If that’s not appearing, it’s most likely because the person who uploaded the entry didn’t supply that information. Mendeley can fill in missing information for a given paper automatically, but this happens in the desktop client, not directly on the research catalog.


  2. Thank you Dr. Gunn for your response. I look forward to seeing how Mendeley develops, and I can definitely see it becoming an extremely beneficial tool for my research, and community service.


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