This weekend we finally got a TV.
Imagine my excitement when I turned it on to hear the phenomenal news that, “Scientists have now created a formula that increases the fullness of your eyelashes by 35% over every other product purporting to do the same” — or something like that.
But a 35% increase?

Congratulations eyelash formula scientists!

That is an incredible achievement; I should know because in my line of work I would gain incredible recognition and untold funding dollars with numbers like that, and probably fuller eyelashes.
Let’s just hope it is true, and it does not go the way of the whole Fleischmann & Pons cold fusion scandal.
At least Fleischmann & Pons didn’t have Eva Longoria as a spokesperson. Show me the evidence FnP! Just like Longoria’s eyelashes. They were practically touching the television camera.

Which reminds me, I think it is fantastic that The Mathworks are getting influential spokespeople for their product. MATLAB slashes the price for students by booking Slash! What is not to love about that?



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