Call for Papers: Rethink Music Conference

Just received this too! It is a CFP day! This topic is near and dear to my heart in fact, since in my past I developed a fondness for reviewing US Code, case testimony, judicial decisions, and contradictory precedents: B. L. Sturm, “Concatenative sound synthesis and intellectual property: An analysis of the legal issues surrounding the synthesis of novel sounds from copyright-protected work,” J. New Music Research, vol. 35, no. 1, pp. 23-33, 2006. For every Lawrence Lessig and “creative commons” advocate, there are hundreds of lawyers working for MPAA and RIAA convincing education institutions to report their students to the police, or countries to shut families out from information based on little proof.

Call for Papers: Rethink Music Conference

In connection with the “Rethink Music” event, the Berkman Center and Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law (JSEL) seek papers that propose changes to intellectual property or other laws that relate to the creation, production, distribution, performance, or other use of musical works.

Papers will be selected from among those submitted by a committee designated by the staff of JSEL and/or by staff and/or Faculty Directors of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society and/or their designees (including representatives from other academic institutions and/or others with expertise in music or intellectual property business and/or policy).

Up to four (4) authors whose papers are selected will be invited to present their work at the “Rethink Music” symposium. Berklee College of Music will provide economy airfare and hotel accommodations for any authors invited to present at the symposium. Up to two (2) papers will be considered for publication in JSEL. The number of authors selected to present at the symposium and the number of authors to whom prizes are awarded will depend upon the quantity and quality of eligible papers submitted. The Berkman Center and JSEL reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to decide that no papers will be presented at the Rethink Music symposium and/or published in JSEL.

The Berkman Center may contact authors of papers not selected for publication or presentation at the symposium regarding publication via another medium – e.g., online, via the Berkman Center website.


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