From Conference Paper to Journal Paper! Just like that.

Today I received a nice message in my mailbox expressing appreciation for my work:

Dear Dr. Bob L. Sturm,
These are Journal of Communication and Computer (ISSN: 1548-7709, USA) & Computer Technology and Application (ISSN: 1543-7332, USA).
We have read your excellent paper ‘ MUSICAL INSTRUMENT IDENTIFICATION USING MULTISCALE MEL-FREQUENCY CEPSTRAL COEFFICIENTS ‘ from ‘The 2010 European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2010)’ and we are pleased to pass on our regards to you. We are very interested in your research, if the paper mentioned has not been published in other journals or you have other unpublished papers in hand and have the idea of making our journals a vehicle for your research interests, please feel free to send electronic version to us.

Hello Journal of Communication and Computer (ISSN: 1548-7709, USA)!

Thank you for your regards, for reading my paper, and calling it excellent. But why are you only interested in my research if the paper you mention has not been published in other journals, or if I have not published all of my work? It would seem to me that if all my work has been published, and I continue to produce work that has not not been published, then I must be a very strong researcher who is interesting by definition. But lucky you and me, I guess, since I am only “optimally interesting” in an asymptotic way :) The paper you mention has not been published in other journals, and I have many other unpublished papers “in hand.” (i am typing with one hand now. caps are impossible without palm stretches before. let me put these papers down.)

You might be aware that at the same conference this year I had another paper, ‘ DETECTION AND ESTIMATION OF ARRIVALS IN ROOM IMPULSE RESPONSES BY GREEDY SPARSE APPROXIMATION ‘. Can I propose combining these two papers into a comprehensive article for your “international, scholarly and peer-reviewed journals (print and online) published monthly by David Publishing Company, Chicago, IL, USA”? The title would be, ‘ DETECTION AND ESTIMATION OF ROOM IMPULSE RESPONSES IN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS BY GREEDY SPARSE APPROXIMATION WITH MULTISCALE MEL-FREQUENCY CEPSTRAL COEFFICIENTS ‘. 

I appreciated that your journals “seek to bridge and integrate the intellectual, methodological, and substantive diversity of scholarship, and to encourage a vigorous dialogue between scholars and practitioners.” I am indeed a scholar having limited non-vigorous dialogue with practitioners — I last saw a doctor 9 months ago, and then only for an embarrassing one-way conversation. I have written a paper about that, but alas, it sits unpublished.

By the way, the findings in your published article “Audio recording of rock/metal music using personal computers” (vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 28-33, Mar 2009), could be easily extended to non-personal computers. That is one of the major developments of the past 15 months in computer. If desired, I can write an unpublished article about that.


Your humble submitter


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