Music for the Nordic Game Jam 2011

A few of my musical compositions have been selected to accompany a film being produced about the Nordic Game Jam 2011, which occurs this weekend at Copenhagen University. Woo who! A funny thing to mention is that I composed the “Introduction to the Logic Opera” from the solution to a logic puzzle. The circles in the grid specified notes and durations and what not. In fact, I was going to compose the entire opera (to be performed in a local café in Boulder, Colorado back in the late 90’s) from this puzzle, including characters, their actions, the plot, etc., and the audience was going to attempt to solve the puzzle. It was to be a very “Robert Ashley affair,” with lots of mysterious happenings, embedded performers, and beautiful what nots.

Alas, more than 13 years later the opera remains unfinished, except for “The Love Song” (again, composed from the logic puzzle, and in 5! and that is me “singing”), and a sketch of one of the scenes. Maybe some day I will return.


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