5 days

Yesterday, I distributed my simulations between two computers (which involved me spending about 2 hours troubleshooting Windows, e.g., “Where is the file I just downloaded?”, and “Why on Earth doesn’t Windows come with a program to mount .iso files?”, and “I need administrator privileges? But it says I have administrator privileges!”, and “Oh, I need to log in locally using “Computer-18983\bob” and not just “bob”?”, and “How the hell do I type a “\” on a Danish Windows keyboard?”).
To avoid storing the several dozen gigabytes of randomly generated sparse signals and sensing matrices that is my “problem suite”, I decided instead to use the same seeds on both computers, which took some time as well since I tried to use RandStream. I just ended up using the legacy approach with “rand(k,seed)”.
And finally, I adjusted my simulations with the following changes:

  1. reduced problem dimensionality by half, from 800 (Maleki and Donoho) to 400 (but still keep almost 900 pairs of sparsity and indeterminacy values, and 100 trials with each)
  2. once the recoverability success of an algorithm reaches 0, stop running that algorithm (!)
  3. Do not even test recoverability when the indeterminacy is 1. That means no compression, so who cares?
  4. only run OMP, BP, IHTR, ISTR, and TSTR.

With all of these changes,
I am only five days from writing the paper from which I was 143 days yesterday. What a difference a day makes! (My anger with Windows will take some more time to recede.)


3 thoughts on “5 days

  1. In that case, do you think that if you were the ability to run all these cases on the cloud and pay some money, you’d go for it ? the advantages would be that you could have access to more CPU than you can have on your desk.


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