Thank you Windows!

For the past week I have been running simulations of compressed sensing recovery using cyclic orthogonal least squares (COLS). Because of the refinement cycles, COLS performs many Gram-Schmidt orthogonalizations (I haven’t optimized this part yet). Thus, I am waiting, and waiting, for the simulations to finish on the super powerful 3D computer we have at this lab. I checked in on the process this morning and found the fun Window’s log in sceen, meaning one of our students disregarded my note to not touch the machine, and rebooted or powered down the machine. When I logged back in, I was prompted by a little note on that helpful bar of icons at the bottom right: “At 3:00 AM Windows rebooted this machine to finish its automatic update of your computer.”

Thank you Windows! Thank you for ignoring the MATLAB process taking up so much memory and computation. You probably thought it was some Flash script gone amok in IE. Lucky for me, I didn’t lose more than 5 hours of computation since I am saving every iteration. But still — annoying!


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