Compressive Sampling Might Now Be Patented

This is interesting, and sure to make some people angry: A published patent from Feb. 2008 for a “System and Method for Compressive Sampling for Multimedia Coding.” Here is the abstract:

An apparatus comprising a decorrelator, a compressive sampler coupled to the decorrelator, and an encoder coupled to the compressive sampler, wherein the compressive sampler is configured to receive sparse data and compress the sparse data using compressive sampling. Also included is a network component comprising at least one processor configured to implement a method comprising decorrelating sparse data or data including sparse data, compressing the sparse data using compressive sampling, and encoding the data. Also included is a method comprising receiving a data stream comprising a sparse data portion, compressing the sparse data portion using compressive sampling, and compressing the remaining data portion without using compressive sampling.

I like this graphic from the patent:
Seems to me, that would cover all possible devices for compression. Data not sparse? Ok, compress it with other patented method, and now all your codecs are belong to us. K THX.

The first author, Jun Tian, apparently has many many other patent applications. Here is one for a “Communication System with Compressive Sensing“. I cannot tell whether either have been granted. (What does “published” mean?)


3 thoughts on “Compressive Sampling Might Now Be Patented

  1. Ugh, you know exactly the wrong time to post patent news :P
    I’ve seen a lot of patents like this and you’re right, the trolls are getting ridiculously bold these days.
    You’d think that a PhD from Rice would have a little more ethical sense? Or maybe not, I don’t know…when someone is paying your bills, you don’t find yourself with a lot of flexibility.


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