Are you or someone you know learning digital signal processing?

Every so often I get an email from somewhere in the world from a student asking how to solve a particular part of some signal processing laboratory I wrote over five years ago. My labs, originally created for two classes at University of California, Santa Barbara, have somehow managed to immigrate. So now, for the first time ever, I have bundled them all together into one nice, easy to open zipfile:

Here is what you get in this fabulous free package, which combines signal processing with images and sound and fun all in MATLAB:

Seven laboratories designed for upper division students in digital signal processing:

  1. MATLAB tutorial, and the moving average filter
  2. Sampling
  3. Sample rate alteration
  4. Linear systems and digital filtering
  5. Windowing
  6. The discrete cosine transform
  7. Filter banks

Nine laboratories designed for non-engineers studying media arts technology.

  1. MATLAB and the space between your ears
  2. MATLAB, even and odd signals, and someone else’s code
  3. The Gibb’s phenomenon: You may already have been affected!!!
  4. Fourier transformers: More than meets the eye
  5. Coping with convolution coping with convolution
  6. All about windowing
  7. Moving averages
  8. Damn smart reverb and converb
  9. Flipping the bird, so to squeak

Along with each lab, I include some code and the signals used. I do not include any of the answers. You have to email me asking for them, which I will give upon proof that you are not a student. :)
I should also point out the availability of my MATLAB software toolbox SSUM, which I should update soon with some changes …


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