Wordles of Blues Tags in a music genre dataset

After labeling the Blues portion of this music genre dataset (of 100 excerpts I still have yet to identify 4), I extracted the last.fm tags people have applied to the songs, along with their “counts” — whatever that means (it is a number from (0 to 100).
Then I took these tags and counts and created wordles, which provide a graphical representation of word frequency. The larger the fontsize of a tag, the more frequent it appears in the dataset. Here is the one for the blues category:
We can see “Cajun” and “Zydeco” are not so small. Of 100 excerpts, 24 are Cajun and/or Zydeco. I hear ample use of the Blues progression (which is also used in Country and Pop and Rock and …), and sometimes blue notes, and I know Zydeco blends the Blues tradition with Creole music, but the diatonic (or piano) accordion, the rhythm and tempo, and the French lyrics (when they are there), make me argue it shouldn’t be here.

What say people who have tagged these 24 tunes on last.fm? When we create a word cloud from tags applied to only that subset, we obtain this wordle, entirely lacking any mention of “blues”, save for a microscopic “bluescruiser” the same size as “boatradio”.


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