On leaving academia

Terran Lane provides an excellent discourse on why he is leaving academia in the USA for a position at Google.

I immigrated to Europe from the USA right after finishing my PhD in 2009, and will remain here because of many reasons, some of which Lane states quite well.
In particular, I continue to be repelled by the hyper-religious anti-science climate of public and political discourse in the USA,
as well as the bold-faced contradiction of the USA being a “moral authority” while bowing to the “authority of money.”
I probably penned twice as many words on those subjects during my PhD as there are in my dissertation; but since coming to Europe, I have not felt the need to fight such things.
Religion, science, and intellectualism are treated quite differently in Europe,
which in no small way has to do with the blood it has shed due to
innumerable arguments over woo.
To be sure, Europe has its problems too.
The only time I have really missed the USA
was when I experienced a particularly overt display of racism.
Many parts of Europe have a ways to go to reach the multicultural experience of the USA —
which I find ironic since distances here are so small.

Anyhow, I commend Lane on writing such a nice piece.


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