Hungarian Daddy Cool from 1993

From 1976, “Daddy Cool” by Boney M. is a certifiable classic Disco tune. Below are Boney M. singing and dancing “Daddy Cool.” And I think Bobby Ferrell’s dancing might be a perfect reflection of cocaine use.

To me this is nearly perfect Disco:
a square four on the floor with that typical open hi-hat between beats (this time with a flange!), simple yet memorable figures for strings and saxes, bass, female voices, and don’t forget the sexual content! The only thing really wrong with it is that the track is no longer than 4 minutes. (And I would like a funkier bass-line.)

Now consider this 1993 remake by a pop group in Hungary.

Although note for note they are just about the same, to me from the get go the latter is a sequenced and sterile version missing the essential hihats of the original. But is it so far away that I would not classify it as Disco?


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