A Music Genre Recognizer in Circuitry!

The paper, R. B. Dannenberg, B. Thom, and D. Watson, “A machine learning approach to musical style recognition,” in Proc. International Computer Music Conf., Thessaloniki, Greece, Sep. 1997, is regarded as the first to explore something like recognizing the genre of a musical signal. It proposes a system to determine the playing style of a musician. However, I have just discovered the following fascinating paper: K.-P. Han, Y.-S. Park, S.-G. Jeon, G.-C. Lee, and Y.-H. Ha, “Genre classification system of TV sound signals based on a spectrogram analysis,” IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, vol. 44, pp. 33-42, Feb. 1998. In that paper, they look at discriminating between speech and music, and Jazz, Classical and Popular genres. Not only do they simulate the algorithm, they actually implement the system using circuits and show the results. They also list the musical pieces they put in each genre dataset. Was Kansas Popular in 1998?


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