Seminar: Friday March 15, INRIA, Rennes, France

I am giving a seminar this Friday March 15, at INRIA in Rennes, France. 11 AM, Room Sicile

Title: Evaluation

Abstract: Evaluation. Evaluating evaluations.* Evaluation of evaluations and assessments. Evaluation, examination, and evaluation of testing evaluations. Evaluation gauging, gauging evaluation evaluations, and evaluating evaluation evaluations. Evaluating. Evaluating evaluation and evaluation evaluating. Evaluations of evaluations and evaluating evaluation evaluations. Evaluation of evaluation appraisals, evaluation evaluation evaluation analysis, and assessing evaluation evaluating evaluation evaluations. Finally, evaluation testing, evaluating evaluation testing evaluations, and reviewing evaluation evaluation. Evaluation.**

* Evaluation.

** Evaluating evaluation and evaluations.

(NB: I discuss evaluation in music information research, with particular emphasis paid to music genre recognition, music mood recognition, and autotagging. I argue that most approaches to evaluating such algorithms have no internal and external experimental validity when one wishes to measure their _capacity for recognition_. The example of the horse Clever Hans suffices to illustrate this point. Algorithms can have very high classification accuracies by virtue of confounds, but current approaches to evaluation do not control for this.)


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