Paper of the Day (Po’D): Music genre classification risk and rejection edition

Hello, and welcome to the Paper of the Day (Po’D): Music genre classification risk and rejection edition.
Today’s paper is my second accepted for presentation at the 2013 IEEE Int. Conf. on Multimedia and Expo:
B. L. Sturm, “Music genre recognition with risk and rejection“, Proc. ICME, 2013.

The one-line summary of my paper, for those in a hurry: Some misclassifications are much worse than others, so we show how to make an MGR system take that into account.

When it came time in my multivariate statistics course to come up with fun examples of considering risk in classification, I said, “Consider a music genre recognition system that labels a classical piece ‘metal’ — the horror! Hence, we can specify for the system that it must be quite sure something is metal before calling it ‘metal’.” Then I said, “I will show you the results of this easy example in the next class period.”

It took a bit longer than that to get the system working, as it was not as trivial as I thought.
And while some researchers in music genre recognition over the past ten years have hinted at such a possibility, we find that no one has actually done it.
Before I knew it, I had given birth to a paper!


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