XCode 4.6, cmake, and MPTK 0.7

I have, for the past 6 hours, been trying to figure out why I could no longer build an XCode project of MPTK, like I could in March. Now I know why. Apparently, XCode and cmake begin playing together differently after XCode 4.3 or so. I upgraded my XCode installation after my visit to Rennes in March, and this made some non-trivial changes.

Now, before running “cmake -G Xcode” in a terminal, one must run, “sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer”. At least, on my computer. (Thanks to this post.)
Now, before running the Xcode project, we must turn off the matlab support. So, run “ccmake .”, turn off the MATLAB flag, and generate the output. Now, MPTK and its utils can be compiled in Xcode.


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