The hype. It burns.

  1. An image content recognition system based on a deep neural network achieves an accuracy close to that of primates.
  2. Because these networks are based on neuroscientists’ current understanding of how the brain performs object recognition, the success of the latest networks suggest that neuroscientists have a fairly accurate grasp of how object recognition works.

Cue Michael Jordan: Each “neuron” [in a DNN] is really a cartoon. It’s a linear-weighted sum that’s passed through a nonlinearity. Calling that a neuron is clearly, at best, a shorthand. It’s really a cartoon. … We don’t know how [real] neurons learn. Is it actually just a small change in the synaptic weight that’s responsible for learning? That’s what these [DNN] are doing. In the brain, we have precious little idea how learning is actually taking place.


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