Flesch–Kincaid readability tests for music listening?

Flesch–Kincaid readability tests – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I wonder if there is a similar test for music listening. For what grade level is my music composed? One might easily apply this to lyrics. Below are the Flesch-Kincaid grade levels of the lyrics of some songs:

“A B C D E F G.”: -2 (what does that even mean?)
“Losing my reigion” by R.E.M.: 0.7
“A B C” by Jackson 5: 1.3
“Row row row your boat”: 2.9
“Chacarron Macarron” by El Mudo: 34.9 (requires the completion of 3 PhD dissertations)

Clearly, that is not the way to go.


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