What did they do?!?

How music listening programmes are easily fooled – TechnologyBloq.com.

For good over dual decades, researchers have sought to build song listening program that can residence a torrent of song flourishing faster than a Spotify-spoilt appetites. From program that can tell we about a song we are conference in a bar and program that can suggest a song we didn’t know we wanted tohear. From program that can cleverly accompany youpracticing your instrument or act as an programmed sound engineer, appurtenance song listening is apropos increasingly prevalent.

I think they took the original article, ran it through Google translate to Klingon, and then back to English.


2 thoughts on “What did they do?!?

  1. Well, for sure they have a good feeling for hot topics.
    I guess that “removing these “computer ears”” is almost as hot a topic as “removing these “computer eyes””.

    “The intensity is enormous. ” !!!

    Oh, and make sure to keep this in mind during your lectures:
    “It appears afterwards that a “professor” is like Clever Hans.”

    Please also make sure to only make
    “small, considerate changes to digital images”

    “We should note that finding a “horse” in an algorithm is not indispensably a sheet to a algorithmic glue factory.”
    Please let us collaborate in establishing the algorithmic glue factory!


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