Why is jazz not more popular? – Quora

Someone decided to look at the occurrance of “Jazz” as a search term in Google trends.

Then they asked on Quora, “Why is jazz not more popular?”

A strange thing about that graph is that it is periodic. What are these peaks occuring with a frequency of about a year. The letters correspond to new headlines, most of which are about the Utah Jazz basketball team. Curiously, these peaks are inversely correlated with the frequency of the search term “basketball”.

Another curious thing is from where this search term appears to be originating (according to “search volume” index).

St. Lucia appears at top, perhaps due to the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival (the 2015 edition of which will star Robin Thicke — a Jazz artist?), as well as its population of about 175,000 people. In third place, however, is Pakistan, with a population of nearly 200 million people.

When we search for “music genre Jazz”, Pakistan now appears at top.

Luckily, “music genre Polka” is srtongly trending!

Anyhow, taking a Google trends graph as evidence of declining “popularity” of some undefined notion of music practice skips many steps of reason. What do you mean, “jazz”?

All of the answers on Quora so far confirm or disconfirm the conclusion, but take as true the premise of the question. Why?


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