“Britich Peppop”: Recurrent Neural Networks for Music Genre Description Generation

I just took the same code I used in my previous post, and trained it on one year’s worth (Jan 10 2014 — Jan 11 2015) of “Genre-A-Day” descriptions from Spotify. Then, as for the folk music, I had it generate new genre descriptions. Here are some of my favorites. I edit nothing.

Britich peppop is and experimental hardcone. Like pork is the ’80s and ’90s the refers poratides of the ’80s and ’60s, was, acroding the periets of out rock tochiatice music instruments of Latin Afrodicat or polk with the pilng and styles, and eleventive of the early conmention of house on the US inco perimention or a midicational music (ad meval and pance of the Croding is the ’90s.

Chop is hop influenced from the ’70s. It’s the mid tro metal.

Thristice is a music of songs and America, a fance music.

Breck is rock is dechoonted by the ’70s and ’90s and is compusical of composicions the progressive sound the playint of the UK edeetion.

Chrost folk is styles of charsing the countrics.

Eltrectromes is a fusic of promressive rock that emerged in the ’70s. It influenced by drum math called and sometimes sound that originated in the ’90s and ’90s.

Christian pop rock is a dance music from the ’80s and ’90s.

Some more created by using all Spotify genres (from the API, up to the “P”s)

nowerandien pop – Bubblegun pop is a more melodic contemporary melodic many music that pechised on the modern techno and more metal that originated in the ’60s.

mank metal – Bountrack is almonng genres that peried to house to an and jazz music.

grenk pop – Dungle funk music that combines a parternal elements of bass and call-bands, and lyrics weriten and vocals and a pock punk incorporating a refers to psychedelic music from the Mandarle bass in the ’70s. It has a strong the more an the ’70s. It include formsinns (Jazzan drance music that genre influenced by the the late ’70s and ’90s.

munimal music – Afrouedean pop is popular music from Itala. Ituland dance nouse.

britian blues – Bluegrements of techno sung in anternate drum mathes folk of the rock music that uses repetines that unconvented mode notemposed music that often beat Combination pop music from the UK wave lange folk music that consists of math and post-punk.

chountrance – Brazilian pop music that features shong that emphasized sound music of the rock music with a fast tempo from the ’60s, becontion of the ’80s. Influenced by feembient of the lite the trend of the late ’70s to tempo originated in the ’90s, and original music that features sometimes and melodies yno gands the more new wave.

hindeland – Ganke rock is influenced by dub rap, from the ’60s and early ’80s and ’70s. Its empored music that features more style of and to the stringcores, cancorbument as melody. The metal beat in the late ’70s. Inlluenced by bet-tipples the new York music produced to the lite metal, vocals.

chill folk – Childern music that emerged in the US and American popular music from Jase contemporary manterna.

boombo – Bange pop is a form of music that features modern post-punk, pank, and rock.

new hark – Germen beat metal to the blues may hard hip hop promunent in the ’80s and ’90s.

gromet folk – Ordentronic dance music that originated in the late ’70s to the Classic rock and reggae.

bit heave – Bunglegen refers to and melody, and punk and and Nortevin music that and derivent by psychedelic rock and bass dance form to cometry metal that can beats and hardcore popular dance music that can entromenced and rock, blues bands that blangoring the trend metal music that often and past music, production and a musical music that include the bolk and dance music. Influenced by music that incorporates elements of modern of music of Indean pop and pop music and music from the ’90s. Influenced by handa trance music that often punk, songs and rance music that often effects.

anternatin – Contemporary modern rock music.

hooplandin – bootemporary contemporary music that ases more rock music that meled by a more metal and rock music from the Japan. Contemporary metal that originated in Christian themes popunar and metal techno song the cleat music with a distorted drum beat to cheating and pop music.

boomblatin – Comedy rock in the ’80s and ’70s. Influenced by the electronic music that perionted or particularly and hardcore punk, and alternative rock that emples metal and bass dance music, and percussion folk music produced to the music metal that began minimalist that often performed dinge pop music that folk music popular music popular music, who the genre techniques folk, metal, blues, ond rock tradition the more performent in the ’70s on the ’60s and ’90s. It folk music.

blutch – Brues music feature the melodic punk many guitar.

baroque – Bounge funk music that is a deritation of metalcore.

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