CALL FOR POSTERS: “Listening in the Wild 2015: Animal and machine audition in multisource environments”


“Listening in the Wild 2015: Animal and machine audition in
multisource environments”

We are seeking poster submissions from both academia and industry,
describing research in or relatable to animal and/or machine audition
for presentation at this free 1-day research workshop at Queen Mary
University of London (, U.K., Friday 28th
August, 10:30am-5pm.

Please submit by July 15, 2015 a brief abstract of the work you will
communicate with your research poster. We encourage work-in-progress.
Make clear your objectives and/or hypotheses, methodology,
results/conclusions (if available), and supporting figures and references.

Submit your abstract by email to the Poster Chair, Bob L. Sturm
( If you have any questions, feel free to email
him before the deadline.

We will select posters based on the relevance and quality of the work.
Notification of acceptance will be delivered by July 22.

This free workshop will bring together researchers in engineering
disciplines (machine listening, signal processing, computer science)
and biological disciplines (bioacoustics, ecology, perception and
cognition) to discuss complementary perspectives on making sense of
natural and everyday sound. In addition to invited talks and a poster
session, attendees will get a free lunch, a tea and coffee break, and
a finish with a visit to a local pub to continue lively discussions
around workshop topics.

The invited speakers of the workshop include:
* Annamaria Mesaros (Tampere University of Technology, Finland)
* Alison Johnston (British Trust for Ornithology)
* Rob Lachlan (Queen Mary University of London)
* Alan McElligott (Queen Mary University of London)
* Jordi Bonada (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)
* Emmanouil Benetos (City University London)
* Sarah Angliss (composer, roboticist and sound historian, London)

“Listening in the Wild 2015” is kindly supported by the Centre for
Digital Music ( through its EPSRC
Platform Grant


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