America is retching

I keep trying to convince myself that the rapey billion-dollar-loser orangutang unleashed from one of the two major political parties in the USA is ultimately a good thing. The fever of the past 8 years is breaking into convulsions of the most tortured arguments that make no sense — until one understands that some Americans feel their once divine-inspired system of government is felled from grace since it has failed to protect them from occupation by non-white non-Christian people. These Americans would rather be the majority under a totalitarian white Christian-posturing con-man rapist than accept that a black man can be a good and able leader, or that a woman who has worked with a black man can be a good and able leader. Of course they won’t say that, but instead yell something about emails, or the sins of a husband, or speeches at banks. For these supposed capitalist-loving people, politics is not a marketplace of ideas where the best ideas bubble up to the top with majority support. White Christian Americans already have the best ideas. Only the best! And bigly so. Instead, the status quo must be maintained at all costs, even when it means excusing the sick behavior of their sad small-palmed orangutang dressed to look like a business leader. As he once said, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” Now everyone knows he could rape someone in the the middle of Fifth Avenue and wouldn’t lose any voters. (Not legitimate rape folks.)

The politicians making excuses for their to-catch-a-predator trust-fund fool are merely trying to bolster their support among a fearful white-power Bundy-sympathising militia, but under the guise of “protecting” the Constitution, or being against big government, or “family values”, or bringing “freshness” to Washington, or saving America from terrorists — outside and in. The Tea Party, the Moral Majority, both motley bands of bigots who say they just want to return to some idealised divine government, have metastasised into a skin cancer that friends and family caution, “You might want to get that checked out.” A visit to the doctor, however, means admitting there is a problem — in addition to admitting an educated pinko liberal may know something about one’s health. And for many in the white Christian majority, the problem is not what rational clear-sighted people see as an oozing cancerous sore with irregular purple edges that grows by the day; the problem is the host.

America is retching. The dumb-as-a-brick thin-skinned scammy misogynist will probably not win the election, and I hope there is enough sanity among the American public to flush this clearly incompetent novelty fart bag and his wretched enablers into the bowels of history. But I don’t think I’ve seen the worst of it. After the vomit comes the bile. The base of this major political party is now a meeting of white-pride conspiracy theorists immune to reason and debate. Represented by the current majority in government, their “leaders” posture themselves as unyielding patriots fighting to save America’s soul from a Muslim secret agent intent on making it servile to a world government run by Jews. The stakes for these people are so high that they see their preferred end as justifying any means. Such a dense form of human stupidity and/or prejudice is probably immune to any form of education. (With education comes liberal thinking, and they can’t take such a risk.) I fear that America is now a powder keg at the end of a lit fuse, and there is no place in the world that can be shielded from what’s to come.


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