Two folk-rnn music videos!

On Nov. 18 2016, C4DM presented A brief evening of electroacoustic music, with Oded Ben-Tal as guest composer and Torbjörn Hultmark as guest performer. Oded and I have been working on evaluating the folk-rnn music transcription model, and this concert provided a unique opportunity to try a few things out.

First, I wanted to compose a piece around an idea generated by our character model, which the system titled, “The Ranston Cassod”. Here is a synthesis of that output, which shows what an utter failure it is in mimicking Celtic music. It caught my ear when I first heard it about a year ago though, and I made a note to return to it at some point. This concert provided that opportunity. I use the first eight measures of that tune as a bright and happy centrepiece in the whimsical landscape of my composition. Here Torbjörn plays, “The Ranston Cassock” for soprano trombone and synthesised accompaniment.

Second, we gave Torbjörn a copy of the folk-rnn Session Book, vol. 1 of 10, and said to pick a few to interpret. He just looked near the middle of the 3000 transcriptions and picked three. Here Torbjörn interprets with various effects folk-rnn transcriptions #1469, 1470 & 1472.

We are planning to do much more, including organising a “computer-generated session session”. :)

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