Preview of “March to the Mainframe”

The upcoming concert will see many new works, most of which have been composed by or co-composed with “musically intelligent” computers. One of these works is “March to the Mainframe”, which I composed from X:488 in The folk-rnn Session Book Volume 1 (of 10). This transcription was generated by our newest token-based system.

X:488 is a rather simple tune. Here is the verbatim output of the system:

A2D D2B|AGE c2d|ecA GEA|D3 D3:|
Add Add|ede dcA|GEE cEE|GAB cBc|
Add Add|edc AGA|BcB AGE|D3 D3:|

Here it is in staff notation.


Here is a MIDI harp rendition of the above tune:

This tune wasn’t too challenging for composition. Most of it makes sense already. In my arrangement, I tried to keep the harmonies simple and folksy, use some hemiolas to add momentum, and create a bit of counterpoint banter between the instruments without becoming too academic. There will be some synchronised foot stomping too.

Here is a synthesised excerpt from the first part the “March to the Mainframe”. (It is MIDI, rendered by Sibelius, so has limited musical quality; but it gives a good idea.)

Like “Chicken Bits and Bits and Bobs”, “March to the Mainframe” comes from a one-way process of composition with the “musically intelligent” computer. I discovered X:488 in Vol. 1, and while learning to play it myself dreamed up the march. I didn’t need to seek any further information from our system. The material was good enough, signed, sealed and delivered.

Here is the score of all three movements, the first of which is the march.

Thanks folk-rnn!

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