Preview of “Interlude”

The upcoming concert will see many new works, most of which have been composed by or co-composed with “musically intelligent” computers. One of these works is “Interlude”, which I composed from The Millennial Whoop Reel. I was originally arranging this “reel” for the concert — as part of a “Millennial Whoop Cycle” — but a brief experiment in creating a canon sidetracked me to arriving at this short piece (coming after March to the Mainframe).

Here is a synthesised excerpt from the first half of “Interlude”. (It is MIDI, rendered by Sibelius, so has limited musical quality; but it gives a good idea.)

Essentially, the entire piece is built from the first few measures of the Millennial Whoop Reel. The snare appears, but this time it’s played with brushes (I envisioned a “baroque shuffle”). The piano provides a contrasting voice in the second half. It’s an odd 2-minute piece that I’m really happy with.

Here is the score of all three movements. Interlude is the second.

Thanks folk-rnn!



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