“Bastard Tunes” in concert

The “Partnerships” concert was a great success! The videos are slowly making their way to the YouTubes. Below, Ensemble x.y does a fine job of Oded Ben-Tal’s four movement composition involving folk-rnn, “Bastard Tunes”. (Here’s the score. The programme notes are below.) This was definitely an audience favourite, looking over the responses on the questionnaire we handed out. People called Oded’s composition, “moving”, “very interesting”, “touching”, “warm”, and “beautiful!” I definitely agree. (I have caught myself humming various parts of it since the concert.)

“Bastard Tunes” is the first composition created with folk-rnn that is REFable!

Here are Oded’s program notes: “I composed this four movement piece using folk-rnn. As a composer, I was more interested in exploring the limits of the system’s capabilities, and to try to extract material that deviates, in interesting ways, from the style the system learned. The first stage of the composition in each of the four movements consisted of many iterations of asking folk-rnn to generate tunes, and then me changing some parameters in order to pull the system’s outputs away from the regular patterns it learned. Each movement is based on melodic material generated by folk-rnn; but I treated it with a fair amount of freedom when arranging my ‘folk tunes’. Hence the title – these are like the illegitimate offsprings of me and folk-rnn.”


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