Optoly Louden, a folk-rnn original

Here’s a version of a cracking good tune generated by the first version of folk-rnn.

The verbatim transcription generated by folk-rnn is:

T: Optoly Louden
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
BdB GBd|AGA cBA|GBd gdB|AcA AGA|BdB GBd|cAG Fdc|DGB cAB|1 GAG G2A:|2 GAB G3|||:gag fgd|ege dBG|A2A FGA|BGE EDE|GAG GBd|ede gfg|edc BAG|1 EGF GBd:|2 cBG G2A|||:BdB ~c3|dBd edc|BdB g2d|BAG AGE|BdB cec|dBA ~G3|Aed edB|1 AGF G2e:|2 AGF G2D||

Here’s the dots:

And ere’s the synthesis of the above:

In my version of this tune I cut the C part. I also don’t like the endings of the A and B parts, so I remove those. Just leave alternatives to the musicians (these transcriptions are just to remember how a tune goes). Finally, I make a half step change to the second note in measure 4. And that’s all! Here’s the dots of “Optoly Louden” (v1.0) with a chord progression that fits nicely on my diato:



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