Bonny An Ade Nullway, a folk-rnn (v1) tune

Here is a tune generated by the first version of folk-rnn, which titled it, “Bonny An Ade Nullway.”Bonnyorig.png

Here is a synthesis compliments of the Endless folk-rnn traditional music session:

I like how the first part gradually stretches upwards, reaching up to the high g in measure 5 and coming down to the low E in measure 6. I make one small change, adding an accidental on the c in bar 7. I’m not so enthused about the second part. Even though it has its moments, I totally scrap it and begin fresh. I want to mimic the stretching we hear in the first part, so I write a melody that moves up and up to a high b in bar 13. The second section of this part provides a little response that is not so dramatic. I start the second part with an immediate clash, a natural F. Playing that against the D major chord is fun! That makes an interesting piece that deserves to accompany an interesting dance.


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