folk-rnn (v3) tune #6197

As the world’s foremost interpreter of folk-rnn-generated tunes (it would be great if others joined in!), I bring you another great tune. Tune #6197 can be found in the folk-rnn v3 Session Book Vol. 3 of 4. Here it is as output by the system:6197orig.pngIt’s already pretty great. I really like both the A and B parts of the tune. I remove the pickup to each part and include them in their final bars. I also make the ending of A generated by folk-rnn the second ending because it modulates to G in the B part. I add a first ending to stay in D.

The penulatimate bar of B needs just a bit of adjustment. I move the D to an E and descend from the high C back to the E at the beginning of the last bar. It’s a nice variation of the first ending of the A part. With some bouncing bass and harmony added, we have a smashing tune. The C bass really resonates. (Sorry about all the clacking!)


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