folk-rnn (v2) tune #4542

As the world’s foremost interpreter of folk-rnn-generated tunes, I bring you another nice tune I have found. Tune #4542 can be found in the folk-rnn v2 Session Book Vol. 2 of 10. Here it is as output by the system:


I recently came across this tune when I randomly opened The Endless folk-rnn Traditional Music Session. It often happens that when I look at that page I find something interesting. Here is the synthesis of the tune above as I heard it:

The tune has an AABB structure with 8 measures for each part. folk-rnn chose a 3/4 meter, but most of the transcription is better expressed by 6/8. There is a minor miscounting error in bar 16, but everything else is counted ok.

I am drawn to this tune because of its lilt. It goes up and down and takes all kinds of twists and turns that make it hard for me to catch my breath. And once I do catch my breath the melody resolves. I really like the change in bar 11 from 2 groups of 3 quavers to 3 groups of 2 quavers. This creates a nice contrast.

Nonetheless, there are some things I change to make the tune better. I change the meter to 6/8. I drop the first measure of the B part down an octave, and add a second ending on the A part to help the transition. I change bar 10 to accelerate back to the upper register, and change bar 11 as a gradual descent. I finally add a harmonic progression that fits on my diato, and voilà!


And here I play the 6/8 piece with a 2/4 feel. Enjoy!


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