folk-rnn (v1) tune, “Sean No Cottifall”

As the world’s most sought-after interpreter of folk-rnn-generated tunes, I bring you another one I have found by listening to The Endless folk-rnn Traditional Music Session. This one is titled by the network itself, “Sean No Cottifall”:


This tune has a different structure from many of the others the model generates: AABCC, where the A and C parts are four measures long, and the B part is 8 measures. The A part sounds to me like a call to the dance floor. The B part is where the main portion of the dance begins. Then the C part reminds me of a hopak… for some reason!

I make some changes this little piece. I repeat the B part twice, and give it two endings to smoothen the transitions. I also flatten the third in bar 11 and play it against a C major. I really like the contrast that gives. Then I give the C part two endings, and make it go crazy.


My partner helped me realise the craziness of the hopak. Thanks Carla!


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