Recording of the April machine folk session


As part of an outreach day at my university QMUL, I organised a group of musicians to play 7 sets of machine folk music. We played 14 tunes (5 of which are real traditional tunes). Here’s the set list:

  1. March to the mainframe (X:488, folk-rnn v2) with The Glas Herry Comment (folk-rnn v1)
  2. The Mal’s Copporim (folk-rnn v1) with Off to California (traditional)
  3. X:1166 (folk-rnn v2) with Rochdale Coconut Dance (traditional)
  4. Oats and Beans (traditional) with Optoly Louden (folk-rnn v1)
  5. Why are you and your 5,599,881 parameters so hard to understand? (folk-rnn v2) with Why are you still singing even when reduced to a 30-dimensional subspace? (folk-rnn v2 with dimension reduction of softmax layer parameters)
  6. The Portobello Hornpipe (traditional) with The 2714 Hornpipe (folk-rnn v2)
  7. Two Burner Brew No. 1 (folk-rnn v2) with The Hairpin Bend (traditional)
Musicians included: Bob Sturm (button accordion), Sandy Rogers (fiddle), Luca Turchet (mandolin), Emmanouil Benetos (piano accordion), Michael Mcloughlin (tin whistle), Dan Stowell (melodica and bones), and Cornelia Metzig (guitar).

Other sounds courtesy of East London Ambulance service and the QMUL clock tower (donging at 16h).


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