Softmax Polka, a folk-rnn (v2) original

The Tune of the Month for May at is the Tip Top Polka. So I decided to learn the tune and see what folk-rnn v2 would generate when primed with its first four bars (but transposed to minor to contrast with the happy polka). After many trials (folk-rnn v2 doesn’t seem to like duple meter), I finally got something that was worth learning (using “thesession_with_repeats”, seed 687677, temperature 1, and prime tokens M:2/4 K:Cmin c /2 d /2 |: e e e f | c c c A /2 B /2 | c c c e | B 3):

B/2c/2|:dd de |BB BG/2A/2 |BB Bd |
A3c |dB de |fB BA |GA G>F |
G4 :||:d2 df|df d/2e/2d/2c/2 |B3c |
f2 ef/2e/2 |d2 df |df df |ec Ac |

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 16.14.50.png

Here I play it together with the Tip Top Polka on the Mean Green Machine Folk Machine.


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