The Machine Folk Session is Launched!

The Machine Folk Session is now officially launched (another result of our project funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, grant no. AH/R004706/1: “Engaging three user communities with applications and outcomes of computational music creativity”):

This is a community website dedicated to folk music generated by, or co-created with, machines (and so the designation, “machine folk” — also known as “compufolk“, “data trad”, and “algo dance“). Anyone can browse and search the current collections; but only users can submit tunes and recordings, and build their own tunebooks.¬†Some tunes are crazy, some are a tad boring, and some are great!

We also are running a Tune of the Month, where users get to vote for one of four tunes to work on for the month (any instrument, any level, any interpretation). We then record and share our interpretations and learn from each other.

So get exploring and help the machine folk tradition blossom.



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