Sailing Through The Hoples Mac

Everytime I open up The Endless folk-rnn Traditional Music Session, I find something interesting. Here’s a 9/8 tune generated by the first version of the folk-rnn system, which it has titled, “Sailing Through The Hoples Mac”:

T: Sailing Through The Hoples Mac
M: 9/8
K: Gmaj
|:Bdd d2B A2 A|Bdd d2 B G2A|Bdd d2B d2B|ged BAB G3||
dBd g2g b2d|de2 f2g a2a|bgd B2d e2d|BBB B3 dBA|
dz f3 b3|afd ~a3 b2a|g2B B2g B2c|d2B A2D EFG:||

In this case, folk-rnn has done an ok job with a time signature that is not too common in the training data (only 847 examples out of 23,636).

I have added a setting of this transcription with a few minor changes to The Machine Folk Session.


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