The Machine Folk Session passes 200 tunes

At some point every morning I have a listen to a random set of seven tunes on the Endless folk-rnn Traditional Music Session, and nearly every time I hear one or two things that are worth keeping. I transfer these to The Machine Folk Session website, which as a result now has 200 machine folk tunes (many of which have been uploaded by users of I put three of my favorites below.

Here’s my setting of “Jump at the Sun” generated by the v1 system (which also generated the title):


Ideally, the musicians who are not playing should jump where it’s obvious.

Here’s my setting of tune 189 by the v3 folk-rnn system:

189v3.pngThe system has created an AABBCC structure, with a very different B, and a 4-bar C part.

Here’s my setting of tune 5292 by the v2 folk-rnn system:


Quite some harmonic adventurousness from this little system!





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