Result of the first folk-rnn Composition Competition

The winning piece in the first folk-rnn composition competition is Gwyl Werin for mixed quartet by Derri Joseph Lewis. He used a tune generated by folk-rnn as a basis for both melodic fragments and harmonic construction in his piece. He chose the model trained without the repeat signs, a 9/8 meter, C mixolydian mode, an initialisation of “D E F”, and a temperature of 1.07. This produced the output here.

The judges found Lewis’ piece well balanced using nice contrasts and a variety of textures and motives in its construction. The occasional solo moments in the piece echo aspects of the generated material, though it does not imitate it directly. This piece illustrates a further approach to utilising folkrnn as part of the creative process. (For a recent survey, see Sturm, Ben-Tal, et al., “Machine learning research that matters for music creation: A case study”, J. New Music Research 2018.) We look forward to hearing the piece played by the New Music Players in our upcoming concert in October at the O’Reilly AI conference in London.


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