DT2470 Music Informatics @ KTH

I’m pleased to advertise my new master’s level course (7.5 credits) called, “Music Informatics”, which will be offered by Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at KTH this fall (Sep–Oct 2019). This course presents a thorough introduction to the research domain of music informatics. This has many commercial and public applications, from music streaming and recommendation, to archiving and music creation.

After passing the course, the student should be able to

  • explain how music can be represented in the computer
  • account for how feature extraction works and explain why it is needed
  • summarize and explain features that can be extracted from a music signal, based on time, frequency and time-frequency
  • use existing software libraries for feature extraction and interpret features that have been extracted from a music signal
  • recommend methods for comparing and modelling of music data
  • design and implement new methods for modelling of music data
  • evaluate a given method for modelling of music data and explain its limitations, in order to
    • describe how information on different abstraction levels can be extracted from music data (acoustic as well as symbolic) and be used in many applications (e g search, retrieval, synthesis)
    • design algorithms for handling and modelling of music data as well as evaluate their performance

The course will consist of several lectures, three laboratories, and a project. The course text will be Müller’s Fundamentals of Music Processing.

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