Unintended Uses

When we created http://themachinefolksession.org in 2018, we intended it to be a venue for crowd-sourcing “Machine Folk” — music created by or with artificial intelligence. So far, over 700 tunes have been added, most of them by anonymous users of http://folkrnn.org. And over 60 recordings have also be added.

However, outside of my own use of the website, by far the biggest use has been strange automatic registrations like the below. There have been over 800 of these created since we opened the website. With a two step process to registration none of them have become fully registered.

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 10.55.41.png

Are these automatic registrations performed by bots? Are these bots coming for the music? Or are they spammers trying to infiltrate the bustling world of machine folk enthusiasts (current population in the low single digits)?

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