On folk-rnn cheating and music generation

The other day we posted the Endless magenta Traditional Music Session, and added 17,000+ tunes to the Endless folk-rnn Traditional Music Session. Listening to the differences between the results generated by the two systems shows just how important the representation can be for statistical machine learning. This is not surprising, but it kicked up an […]

Millennial Whoop with Derp Learning

Given the ubiquity of this short musical phrase called the “Millennial Whoop”, let’s compose some Celtic-style music that “features” it. I am going to use the folk-rnn deep LSTM model that we trained and presented recently. (This is a continuation of my explorations of using deep learning for assisting the process of music composition.) Let’s […]

“Lisl’s Stis”: Recurrent Neural Networks for Folk Music Generation

Addendum (Sep 3 2018): If you want to link to our work, please do not link to this page. Link to the folk-rnn project: https://github.com/IraKorshunova/folk-rnn The following links show how this work has developed. Sep. 22 2018 An experimental album of Irish traditional music and computer-generated tunes Aug. 30 2018 Pre-print of “Machine Learning Research […]