The Drunken Pint, a folk-rnn original

Now, here’s a wild tune composed by our folk-rnn system:

T: Drunken Pint, The
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: G |B/c/d =c>B | AB/G/G B/A/ | G/A/G/F/ ED | Be/d/ dB/A/ |
G>D Bd | c2 B2 | A/B/A/G/ F/G/A/c/ | BG G :|
|: A/B/ |c2 E/F/G | ed- de | c>B AG | G>^F GA |
BG E>D | EG FE | D/^c/d/^c/ d^c | d3- :|

Here is a slightly cleaned version in common practice notation for those playing at home.


I found this tune recently among the 70,000+ transcriptions we had the system generate in August 2015. (Actually, this tune come from a model I built using char-rnn applied to transcriptions I culled from Anyhow, the title is what caught my eye at first — a title created entirely by the system. Then I was happy to see that the tune has an AABB structure, and the system was smart enough to deal with those two odd quaver pickups. It was until I learned to play it that I really begain to appreciate it. What a fun drunken riot this little system has crafted!

Now who wants to create the drunken dance that this piece should accompany??


One thought on “The Drunken Pint, a folk-rnn original

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